The uniqueness of the ayurvedic lineage  Shaka Vansika Ayurveda

with Rose Carol
March 29th 2023, 5.00-7.00pm CEST, Online on Zoom
The uniqueness of Shaka Vansika Ayurveda: who is Vaidya Mishra?
What is the Vibrational Aspect of Ayurveda according to Vaidya Mishra
What is Transdermal Marma Therapy and how are SVA Transdermal Products unique
Self-pulse reading practice
Practice of samadhi marma therapy and meditation
Questions and Answers
To participate please bring your samadhi set kit with you. You can buy it at under this link
Rose Carol is the director and founder of Ayurveda Amritanam Learning Center and has been a certified Ayurveda Health Educator for over 31 years. She is a Shaka Vansya Lineage Ayurveda Practitioner and Educator who mentored with internationally renowned Ayurvedic Physician, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra and is Ayurveda certified by Bhavana Institute of Ayurveda and Yoga. She studied Vedic Sciences at Maharishi International University in the 1980’s and taught meditation throughout the 1990’s, administered Panchakarma (ayurvedic body therapies) for 30 years and taught and created Ayurveda Curriculums at Healing Arts Institute, Sacramento California and Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. In addition, A licensed professional counselor with an M.A. in clinical counseling that integrates Ayurveda with Counseling.